Sandy B Jones album 2014

The much awaited new album by the legendary Sandy B Jones is now available. It is a hot Deep House and Afro Pop album to surely take the world by storm. Mega Star, his label is currently running a serious worldwide campaign to promote Sandy B Jones album simply titled - Call Me Mr Jones and the response is phenomenal. It is such a unique way of promoting an album and it is getting thumbs up from all music lovers across the world. 

Sandy B Jones last release was back in 2005 when he released the album titled 'Spencer'. Ever since he was just releasing singles which sold mainly on the net. Born in Hammersdale Township in 1972 and spend half of his teenage years in Chesterville, Sandy B Jones grew up in a hard way but remained focus and positive about everything. He lost his home due to political unrests when he was 14 years old. He had already moved to Chesterville to live with his family friend and continued his schooling there. In those years is when his mother and siblings found no comfort in living in the area that was overshadowed by the cloud of violence smoke and brutal killings. They had to move from one place to another while Sandy B Jones was also trying to organise his life in Chesterville. Born Sandile Bhengu, Sandy B Jones has never met his father or his siblings from his farther's side. Let alone even seeing his picture. The Bhengu surname was his mother's from her defunct marriage before she met Sandy B Jones father. Music remained what brought him closer to many people. He joined some groups, from Gospel to Choral to Euro Pop. That taught him to be flexible and gave him a good ear for many kinds of music. Later in life he went solo as Sandy B and released the very first KwaZulu Natal Kwaito album with the national hit Amajovi Jovi. Thereafter other albums followed but he was always ahead of time which made most of his work get minimal airtime. But Sandy B Jones name always remained counted with some of the huge role players in the music industry. Today he owns one of the big and respected CD manufacturing plants in Durban and provides his services to many new and big artists of South Africa and abroad. He is also a radio presenter.