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CD/ DVD Duplication

Delivery and Pick Ups.


We  pick up master CDs or DVDs or artwork and deliver your stock anywhere in South Africa at a reasonable fee. If you give us your address, our courier will deliver or pick up from you, a master CD or DVD and Artwork. Your order will reach us within 24 hours. Your artwork should be in JPEG format or PDF.





Cliché is printed with Inkjet. We do not use stickers. Duplication is the exact image of the master. 1- 150 discs (1 day) 500 and less 2 to 3 days. Our minimum is 50 units.

Inkjet printed discs are vulnerable to liquid.

Your duplication is done completely in-house, so expect no delays.





CD AND DVD Paper sleeves/ Jewel Cases (Clear or Black Trays) or Slim Cases.


We offer printing of inlays, sleeves, booklets and posters. Inserting your sleeves is done free at Mega Star. The more you print, the lesser you pay! We print on 120g gloss paper.




Please ensure that you do not provide us with copyright protected material. We may ask you for proof. Mega Star is against Piracy.


We do EAN SA Barcode if requested.




CD order order is handled by a helpful and knowledgeable consultant and all your questions will be answered.



We believe in making your job affordable no matter how many units you order.  Contact us for quotations, we are ready for you.

We do not charge for set up


www.megastarmusicc@gmail.com/ sandyb@megastar.co.za